69th Republic Day Wishes 2022,Images, Songs & Slogans in English

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69th Republic day:

Republic day is one of the main festivals of India. This year 2022 it is the 70th republic day of India and people of India are making all the plans to celebrate it. The day is celebrated every year with pride, zeal and honor. Even though India got independence in 1947 there was no perfect constitution for the country. January 26th 1950 was the day when India got perfect constitution and celebrating it by the people.

Republic day images

Approval of Constitution:

After getting independence in 1947 a committee was formed to draft a perfect constitution for the country. Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was the Chairman of the committee which worked hard to form a constitution to lead the country. The committee submitted draft of constitution on 4th November 1947 which was edited and modified again to make it perfect. The Assembly members checked it and approved it on 26th January 1950 which came to effect from that day itself.

Salute the Martyrs:

Now we are living in the country where we are getting all types of happiness and freedom. We have to obey British rules for each and everything and to live like a slave in our own country.

Republic Day Celebrations in Capital City:

Delhi is the capital city of India where Republic day 2022 is celebrated every year with grand function. People from all parts of the country participate in it to make it an amazing event.

The royal parade is the main event in the function where you can see the power of Indian Defense.The parade starts from Raisina Hill near Rashtrapati Bhavan and ends at Red Fort.

The republic day parade is mind blowing. Air show of Air force and Indian Navy are the other main attraction of the celebration. We are providing Republic Day Information here which can help to add knowledge to you.

Greeting others through SMS:

As the it is very auspicious for each and every Indian, people from around the nation wish each other on that day.You can get wonderful here. Many ready to send SMS are available here along with JPG download and other related quotes. Our Republic day messages are latest and meaningful.

Republic Day SMS and Quotes

Republic Day Songs:

Anyone can learn and sing these songs easily from here. If you want to participate in any event.

you can copy the  Republic day songs from here, learn and sing it.

Republic day songs

Republic day Videos:

We are updating latest Republic day videos regularly here. You can see and download videos of republic day functions conducted in each and every part of the country on the occasion of republic day. You can see the previous year’s celebrations and can create your own program with variety to make it attractive and unique.

Republic Day Slogans:

There is auspicious for each and every Indian enjoying the freedom of an independent nation. Here is lots of Republic Day slogans. Many poets which are able to lead our body and soul to patriotism. These slogans are available here in many languages. Anyone from India can sing it with proud. Many Republic day images  in our site which reveal the culture of the nation. Each and every part of the country will be in a festival mood on the republic day. The 2022 January 26 will be the 69th republic day of India. All Indians must take an oath to live in the country with love, affection, care and protection. Let’s prepare for the Republic Day 2022 to make it a sweet memory in the hearts of each and every Indian who are living in India or abroad.

Republic Day

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