I Miss You Messages for Someone You’re Missing Badly

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miss you messages

Are you missing someone badly and wanna express your hidden feelings to them? Well, than here we are to help you as today we have bring the most heart touching collection of Miss You Messages to send to your dear one’s. These texts include missing quotes, I miss you texts, missing someone messages. You can tell them directly that you’re missing them by forwarding these texts or you can also put them in your whatsapp or facebook status. So, they can read it over and learn how badly you’re missing them.

Miss You Messages

  • There is no other pain which is greater than missing someone close to your heart.
  • Everyone loves Moon because of it’s shining. But the reason of it’s shining is light from Sun. My condition is also same, I look happy to everyone but the reason of my happiness is you. Missing you badly..

missing you quotes

  • I have so many social messaging apps in my phone but they’re useless if there is no text from you. Waiting for you to come online.. Missing you babe!
  • I can live without a breathe but I can not live without you.. I miss you so much that it hurts!
  • Life is not worth living without you.. I don’t really know how to stay away from you? I miss you please come back.
  • I know I have made a big mistake and you can not forgive me easily. You can take your time and stay angry with me but please don’t stay away from me because I can’t live without you. Please call me babe, I’m missing you badly.
  • @greetpanda.org()!*@greetpanda.org)($*[email protected]()[email protected]_) Don’t know what it says? Babe, It’s not something meaningless, it’s my tears converted into text message. I’m missing you badly! Talk to me or your mobile will get wet with all of my tears.
  • In the world full of people, I feel like I’m so lonely because you’re not with me. I don’t this world and the people who’re living in this world. All I want is you. Miss you babe!
  • No matter how angry you get with me, I will always keep you in my heart and will love you always. Please don’t leave me alone in this world full of strangers. Miss you baby! Come back soon.
  • No matter where you go, I will keep following you. No matter how much you wanna leave me, I will stay close to you. No matter how angry you get with me, I will keep loving you. Because, I can not imagine my life without you. I miss you babe. Please call me?

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  • Imagine a night full of stars and with a missing moon. That’s what my life is without you. It doesn’t matter how many people are with me, but I just want your support and you in my life. Miss you..
  • Life is so boring without you. It’s just so dull without you. Because you are my source of energy and my source of happiness. I am missing you badly, please come back soon.
  • The pizza slice we use to share at last, the sip of coffee we fight for, the last bite of french fries. They’re all missing us together. Come back home soon!
  • I have stopped taking a bath! You know why? Because it doesn’t feel good without you! Our shower is missing us babe. Come back soon from your parent’s house!

Miss You Messages to Mother, Father

It’s a tough task to stay away from our parents and our own house. But, we have to make it because of some job things or study things. No matter how much fun you have when you’re out of your home cuz there is no one to stop you from doing something. But, still there is something more, more better in parent’s scolding and there is lot of love in your mother’s cooked food. If you are missing your mother or father really badly or feeling homesick, than here are some miss you messages for your mother, father etc.

  • I might be eating delicious food here in hotels. But, there is something missing! That’s your love mother. You always cook food with love. Miss you and missing the home.

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