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Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day: The gift of love is one of the best things a person can experience.

But, sometimes love needs a little encouragement. There’s even a whole day for it – Valentine’s Day! This is the one day a year for such a special emotion to be felt all around.

Little kids share cute cards in their school classrooms. Young people enjoy their puppy love and treat each other with to special dates. Mature couples may indulge in extravagant gifts or romantic getaways.

Happy Valentine's Day

However and with whomever you celebrate Valentine’s Day 2022 with, though, be sure to get them a card. You don’t even have to go shopping for one, you can just print a Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 romantic images download.

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Why go through all the trouble to celebrate this holiday, anyway?

Here’s a look at how this lovely tradition started.

The History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day hasn’t changed much in the 20th and 21st century.

Modern times consist of different gifts and date ideas, often accompanied by notes like a Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 romantic images download.

This celebration dates as far back as 270 A.D, though. Many things have changed since then, and the stories of Valentine’s Day have been twisted so much that the real origin is still unclear.

The following are a few different takes on what made this day come to be.

The Saints Named Valentine

There are a few saints in the Catholic church with a variation of the name “Valentine.” Each has a story connected to the power of romantic love.

The most common is said to have been a priest in early Rome who performed marriages in secret.

These were against the law because it had been stated single men made better soldiers than those with a wife. The priest did not agree with this law, was discovered in his defiance, and killed.

Another popular variation is the story of a Roman prisoner named “Valentine.” This man had been put in jail for his Christian faith. While there, he fell for a woman who had come to visit him.

He wrote her a letter signed, “from your Valentine”.

This expression is still used today. Why not put it on your Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 romantic images download?

The Roman Tradition of Love

In the early days of the Christian-Catholic church, pagan traditions were still very much a common issue.

One of which was the Lupercalia.

Valentine s Day lettering set Isolated image

The Lupercalia occurred every year in early February. Its purpose was to celebrate fertility, with a focus on Faunus – the god of agriculture – and to Roman founders, Romulus and Remus.

Priests would gather at the supposed burial grounds of Romulus and Remus to sacrifice a goat and a dog. The first represented fertility, and the latter, purification.

The ceremony wrapped up with a line of bachelors picking women’s names from a bowl. The matches were then paired for a year, often resulting in marriage.

If only modern dating was that easy!

Love Around the World

Today, dating traditions and tactics have many forms.

But, love is still universal and Valentine’s Day is widely acknowledged, just with a few variations.

The origin of Valentine’s cards and greetings is thought to have been in France.

There is a famous greeting on record from Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife written in 1415. The royal wrote this while captured in the Tower of London, expressing his love from afar.

Elaborate cards later became the fad of the times in England and France. Men and women exchanged handmade creations of lace, ribbon, and hearts to show their love for one another.

This tradition spread to American colonies. Luckily, you don’t have to be crafty these days – a Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 romantic images download will suffice.

Other romantic Valentine’s Day traditions in modern times include:

The Love Spoons in Wales

Valentine’s Day comes early in Wales!

This culture celebrates the patron saint of lovers, Saint Dwynwen, on January 25th.

Instead of cards, carved spoons are the usual gift for love. This tradition dates as far back as the 1600s. Men carve spoons with various symbols, to represent things like good luck and support from each man to his lady.

The Seventh Night Festival in China

Chinese culture doesn’t celebrate love on February 14th, either.

Instead, the country hosts a Seventh Night Festival on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

This is a time for single women to make offerings for love in the future. Couples also make gestures in hopes of happiness and prosperity together.

Lover’s Day in Brazil

Speaking of festivals, Carnival in Brazil is one of the biggest parties Brazilians enjoy every year.

It happens during February though, so Brazilians recognize their love for each other on June 12th. This is known as “Dia dos Namorados.”

Although the date is different, traditions are similar to American gestures of gift-giving, chocolates, cards, and flowers.

Whatever the time of year your celebrations fall on, there are endless ways you can say “I love you” to that special someone.

Here’s how to do it with a Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 romantic images download.

1. Happy Valentine’ Day Quotes

If you don’t know how to say what you feel, use someone else’s words!

There are endless amounts of quotes on love out there.

One of them is sure to tug at yours – or better yet, your lover’s – heartstrings.

Finding a saying on love is as easy as an online search. This allows you to access thousands of quotes from writers, artists, psychologists, and little kids. You may even find a love quote that one of your significant other’s heroes said.

Consider asking a close friend or family member what their favorite love quote is, too. This helps you keep the saying original, without the pressure of having to write it yourself.

Not to mention, it’s interesting to discover all the different takes everyone has on this common human experience.

2. Valentine’ Day Poems

The more love quotes you research, the more inspired you might be to write something special.

In fact, the idea might strike you in the form of a poem.

Poems aren’t as complicated as they seem. There are ones that are less than twenty syllables total, and others as long as an entire page.

A few poetry formats to choose from include:

  • limerick
  • sonnet
  • free verse
  • a name poem

Whatever the length, the important thing to do is say what’s in your heart.

Try typing it out first. This will help you find the best Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 romantic images download to match what you write.

3. Valentine’ Day Puns

Maybe you want to take a lighter approach to Valentine’s Day this year.

This is a good idea if things are still new between you and yours. Or, if you’ve done the same thing for your lover many times, a little change could spice things up.

Try writing a witty pun on your Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 romantic images download.

Think about it: in all honesty, Valentine’s Day can be a little corny. Puns are kind of corny, too. It works!

If your lover has a good sense of humor, give some puns a shot. A few laughs are sure to take their breath away.

4. Happy Valentine’ Day Memes

Can’t think of any puns to write? Worried those might be a little too corny?

Add a meme to your Happy Valentine’ Day 2022 romantic images download instead.

Memes are the knock-knock jokes of the times. Everyone knows a few, and you can always get a laugh or two.

Plus, there are so many to choose from!

You might be able to find a meme with your lover’s favorite movie star or fictional character. Maybe there’s one out there that represents your relationship in a nutshell.

You won’t know until you start searching, though.

5. Sincere Appreciation

Although laughter encourages love, special relationships have to be taken seriously, too.

To genuinely show some care for your person, use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to go all-out.

Shower him or her with all the romance you can think of.

Take them to dinner or cook something they love at home. Buy a bouquet of flowers or maybe that gift they were eyeing around Christmas time.

But, do not forget the card! This is what brings everything together.

A Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 romantic images download is your space to write a thoughtful, detailed message.

The card is something they can hold on to long after dinner is done and the magic of your gifts fade. Every time your person re-reads what you write, your love will woo them all over again.

6. Spreading All Kinds of Love

Sometimes, your person isn’t your partner.

Your Valentine this year could be your best friend, your sibling, a parent, or a grandparent. Whoever it is you think needs a little extra appreciation, give it to them.

A little love could go a long way, and it’s easier to share than you think.

Not every Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 romantic images download is going to be about romantic togetherness. One of them is sure to have the perfect approach for the person you love in a non-intimate way.

Get Your Own Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 Romantic Images Download

Whether your Valentine is a new love, an old flame, or a special family member, you can’t get them a card if you haven’t started looking!

Finding the perfect Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 romantic images download is easier than you think.

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