Happy Birthday Wishes for Facebook, Online Friends

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birthday wishes for facebook friends

Here are the latest Birthday Wishes for your facebook friends. Technology and internet has opened many doors to us. We can now reach global people easily. We can start a business online, communicate online, start studying online and with the help of social networks, we can make friends online. Each of us have developed relations with people who are hundreds or thousands of miles away from us. We might not get to see them in person, but we love to chat with them, have video or audio conversations with them.

Not everyone but some of them get connected to our heart. Some of them become best friends and some become more important than the offline one’s. So, here is a collection of Birthday Wishes for your facebook, twitter, whatsapp & other online friends. You can also send them gifts from shopping sites, but most importantly have a look at these birthday wishes and send it to them.

Birthday Wishes for Facebook, Online Friends

  • You live far away from me but you’re close to my heart. Happy Birthday My Friend!
  • I wish you a very Happy Birthday! May you celebrate it on a grand level and enjoy every moment of it. Happy Birthday!
  • I can not be there to celebrate this special day with you. But, trust me I’m always with you. Happy Birthday!
  • They say I’m addicted to internet. But, they are wrong! I’m addicted to you, addicted to chat with you everyday! Happy Birthday dear!
  • People discover fun, news, technology, study material on Internet. But, my greatest discovery is you! I’m so happy to have a friend like you. Happy Birthday!
  • So many of unknown people are writing birthday wishes on your wall. Than why a friend like me has to stay behind? Here I wish you a very Happy Birthday and a great year ahead!
  • Hey! Happy (Friend Name) Day. People celebrate birthdays but I’m celebrating you. Because you’re the most special thing that ever happened to me.
  • When people close to me left me alone, only you gave me courage and support. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, you’re a hundred miles away but more close to me than anyone else.

birthday wishes for facebook friends

  • Celebrate your special day with peace and joy! Wish you a very Happy Birthday dear.
  • Happy Birthday to my most amazing facebook friend. I found you on internet but it feels like we have a special bond. Many Happy returns of the day.
  • Sending my best wishes to my special facebook friend. May your born day bring you lots of happiness and joy.

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  • Without you, my life is like Facebook wall with no news feeds, twitter without tweets and YouTube without videos! You mean a lot to me. Have a great day ahead.
  • I have sent you birthday wishes on your Facebook, twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. But, you have to collect your gift yourself because I can’t find a way to upload a hug online!
  • May success come to you in 4G speed and all your problems get blocked by firewalls. Many Happy Returns of the day!
  • After meeting you, I came to know that distances doesn’t matters in friendship. Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Online Friend

birthday wishes for online friends

  • I feel so lucky that I found you, I found an amazing friend on Facebook. But, I always wonder did your parents also downloaded You? Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday dear one! Well, I just checked your profile, why you’ve updated a fake birth date? I know you’re older and your profile pic is fake too. Don’t fool people, have a great day ahead.
  • Hey Birthday Boy! Here is an advise for you… Get a clean shave, wash your fake teeth and dye your hairs before leaving or people at party might not be able to recognise you! Many Happy returns of the day.
  • Happy Birthday to the most handsome, amazing, cute, and someone who’s heart is pure. People who met you in person don’t feel the same about you. I’m damn sure! xD
  • Enjoy your special day with yummy cakes and loud music on speakers! I hope you get to hear Dhinchak Pooja, I know she is your favourite! Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday! Enjoy every bit of your born day. Eat delicious food and dance hard. But remember, too much of hip-hop might become risky for your hips!
  • Hey my online friend! Wish You a Very Happy Download Day!
  • Today is the day when you increased the weight of earth. I hope you have lots of fun today.

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