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Funny Birthday Wishes for Best FriendWishing a Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Friends are the most important part of our lives. Nobody can live happily without making a friend and nobody can survive without a friend. So, we present you the most Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend. We humans can’t keep everything inside ourselves, we need someone to share our feelings with. We need friends to share our happiness and sorrows with them. True friends are tough to find but when you get one than no pain can touch and no trouble can disturb you. Friends are the best advisers but they’re also the one who likes to pull your leg and make fun of you. Today, if your friend is having a birthday than why send him/her some lavish wishes? It’s not your work, he/she already has a love interest or maybe someone else having crush on him/her and they’ll send some lovely wishes.

As a friend, you should never miss a chance to make fun of your friend or pull his/her leg. Here are some funny and maybe a bit insulting birthday wishes for your friends. Just copy and share them with your friends and trust me you will get satisfaction with it.

Latest Collection of Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

  • East or west, my friend is the best. North or South I have a doubt. Are you really a human? Because you behave like an owl! Happy Birthday Stupid.
  • It was a long cold night and all the medical shops were closed. Your mom dad got in mood and they did a mistake and that is you.
  • Happy Birthday to the most smartest, cutest, talented and amazing person in this world. Wait, did I just wished a birthday to myself? Oh! Sorry, I forgot it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday Dumbass.
  • Happy Download Day! Yes I believe your parents downloaded you from the internet. Because you’re always stuck with your phone and internet.
  • I got to have a look at your birth certificate! My friend, it’s not a birth certificate but an apology letter from condom factory.
  • For your birthday, I thought I could gift you something funny. But, nothing is more funny in this world than you Mr. Joker.
  • Dear friend if anyone calls you ugly and old, just throw you teeth on them. Happy Birthday.

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  • Happy Birthday! You’re not growing old but you’re growing younger with each of your birthday. Your charm is increasing and you’re getting more energetic. Okay! enough of jokes. I know your wrinkles are enough to speak the truth.

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  • I had a dream last night. You worn your makeup, a lavish dress, you smelled amazing and your shoes shined more than anything else. It was an amazing birthday party that I threw for you. I wish I could make it true. You cut the cake, ate two big peaces and everyone else in our friend circle loved it. But, I denied to eat! Do you know why? Because I only knew it had cow dung mixed into it. LOL! Once again, I wish I could make it true? Happy Birthday.
  • Me, your family, your lover, our friends, we all could never find someone more special than you. We need you and without you we would cry. No no don’t be panic, it’s all a lie. Happy Birthday Useless Fellow.

Unique Birthday Wishes for Friends

  • I met an angel last night, exactly after I wished you a Happy Birthday. She asked me if I had a wish that she could complete? I asked what if I ask something for my friend? She said, no problem I will make it true. Do you know what I asked for you? I asked her to shorten your man thing and she said amen! I wonder if it worked or not? Why don’t you check it and confirm to me? LOL! Just kidding, Happy Birthday Dear.
  • You know, many famous people were born on your birthday. Pity that you’re not one of them. Happy Birthday, May you grow wiser this year.
  • Happy Birthday Dear! Do not worry about getting older. You’ll still be doing things better and better, but a bit slower.
  • I’m so proud of you that on every birthday you’re getting your skills more improved. With age comes new skills like you will soon be able to laugh, cough, sneeze and pee at the same time. Happy Growing!
  • Happy Birthday! Today, your Facebook wall would be flooded with lots of cute and amazing birthday wishes. Most of your friends will praise your nature and intelligence. I pity on them because they never met you and do not have any clue of how stupid you are!

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