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Birthday Status for Best Friend

In this article, You will find Birthday Status for Best Friend | Cute birthday wishes for best friends | Birthday wish for best friend forever.

Birthday Status for Best Friend

Again it’s the time of the year when your best buddy, your pal, your brother from another mother or your soul sister came into this beautiful world. If you are searching for a birthday status for best friend, you have picked the perfect place to do so. Make your best friend laugh with joy or cry with happiness with these beautiful birthday status for best friend dedicated to the best part of your life.

Make your pal’s birthday a memorable one with this list of amazing messages to convey with love. She/he is the one who never left your side. In happiness or sorrow, he always stood by your side and now it is time for you to make his day special with this wonderful birthday status for best friend.

Happy Birthday status for best friend on Whatsapp

Wish your best friend on his birthday with these Happy Birthday Status for best friend on Whatsapp.The distance gets shorter with this status and quotes.

  • Today at your birthday, I promise to keep this bond of friendship tied together till my last breathe. Happy Birthday to the most precious human being I ever met!
  • However far you may go, our love and friendship will never make us feel apart, and that’s the power of true friendship. Happy Birthday!
  • You may get mad at me when I do something wrong, but I know you will never leave my side. Our bond is stronger than words; it’s a connection of emotions and today on your birthday I promise to keep you safe by my side forever. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
  • You are the one I speak my heart out to when I can trust no one. You are the best secret keeper, the one I can say anything and be carefree. Happy birthday to my secret keeper, live long and prosper!
  • I love it when you pretend to be angry with me, but secretly all you want is a big hug after our huge fight. No one can understand me better than you, and I know you feel the same too. This is the one who always stood by my side and kept me going. Happy Birthday my best friend!
  • You are the most precious treasure of my life that I can share with none. Happy Birthday and keep smiling!
  • You are worth much more than any precious gem, gold or diamond on this Earth. You are precious to me my best friend. May this Birthday bring you great happiness and loads of adventure!
  • In nights dark and days bright, you have always stood by my side. My heart always longs for your presence, and you are the apple of my eye. Happy birthday to the most cheerful being of my life!
  • Time passed by and you stayed the same. People came and went, but you were always there for me. Happy birthday to the best buddy ever!
  • Our madness together connects us on a level that can never be understood by anyone other than us. Happy Birthday, Bestie!
  • You are the one who makes my grey sky into a blue one. Happy birthday, pal!

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Birthday Status for Best Friend

Funny Birthday Status for Best Friend

The best friend’s birthday is very special and if he/she is funny then you should wish them in their style, Here We have prepared quotes that are extremely funny. On their birthday, you can change your status to these Funny Birthday Status for Best Friend.

  • You aren’t as smart as I am but still you are the smartest person I know. Happy birthday my best friend!
  • Waking up at 5 am in the morning is the worst feeling ever, but still, I’d do it for you because you are worth it. Happy birthday to the charming half of my life!
  • With your never-ending gossips, the never realized those 11 years passed so fast, and now you and I are an unbreakable team. Happy Birthday, Brat!
  • You were always the worst shopping guide but those precious moments with you are worth cherishing when you brought all the wrong sizes for me. Happy Birthday to the best pal ever!
  • Between snatching each other’s lunch boxes and blaming each other, we grew up together to form a bond of eternity. Happy Birthday!
  • Age is just a number, but not for you. You are one year older today. Just Kidding! You will always be as fresh as a daisy to me. Happy Birthday my sunflower!
  • After every breakup, you cry, eat ice-cream, rant about your ex and fall asleep on my lap. That very moment I realize, I can never let you cry because your tears are precious to me my best friend. Happy Birthday!
  • I’ll always be the boat for you when you get stuck in the middle of the sea because you can count on me. Happy Birthday, bestie!

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Birthday Status for Best Friend

Cute Birthday Status for Best Friend

If your friend is cute and you want to wish your friend in a different way, then cute birthday status for best friend is apt for you. These quotes are specially written for the cute best friends.

  • Although I suck at singing, I will sing a song beside you when you are sick to help you fall asleep. I will always be there for you. Happy Birthday my best friend!
  • Even if you forget how much you mean to me, I will always remind you because you are an integral part of my life. Happy birthday Moonpie!
  • My arms are always open for you when you need to hug someone. Let me be your teddy bear. Happy birthday!
  • I’ll never let go of you even during the craziest of storms in life as you never let go of me. Happy birthday dear!
  • Thousands of miles apart and yet our skype chats are as funny as they always were. Today even when you are away from me, your birthday is the most special day for me. Happy birthday my cute friend!

Birthday Status for Best Friend Forever

If you are incomplete without your best friend and they understand you very much then we have special quotes for you.The birthday status for best friend forever is the bunch of special status that makes your friend special.

  • You are the most precious thing in my life. No price tag can ever separate you from me. Happy birthday buddy!
  • Your friendship is the payment of the love I have for you. I adore you, and it is true. Happy Birthday!
  • I don’t know salsa, jive or any other form of dance, but with you, even the craziest moves define the best time of my life. I wish you happiness and love for eternity and a happy birthday my best friend!
  • We aren’t Romeo or Juliet together, but the love and friendship we hold are better than any love story yet. Happy birthday my life partner and my best friend for life!
  • Meeting you ten years back on that boulevard was the most precious moment of my life. For that was the day my life changed into a journey of love and togetherness. Happy birthday dear!

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Birthday Status for Best Friend

Long Birthday Status for Best Friend

Sometimes short quotes or status doesn’t express your feelings towards your best friend, Here we have prepared Long Birthday Status for Best Friend quotes, that will express your feelings effortlessly.

  • The first Christmas you were my Santa Claus. You brought me the happiness I never hoped for. Happy Birthday the best Santa Claus I ever met! I love you from the core of my heart!
  • All those years with you, I exposed all my fears and vulnerabilities but yet you choose to safeguard them as your own. You kept my secrets hidden in the vast ocean of your heart and today I celebrate the best day of my life, Your Birthday! I hope our friendship lasts as long as we are alive. Happy birthday dear!
  • I was alone, desperate and sad when you came and turned my life 360 degrees. Happiness followed me when I decided to make you a part of my life. Happy birthday to the reason of my happiness and smile!
  • You took away the grief from my life as a high tide takes away the sand from the beach. Happy birthday to the most precious part of my journey!
  • Even my nightmares turn into a beautiful dream when I hold you in my arms in the same. You are the brightest light in the darkest night. Happy birthday my sunshine!

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Birthday Status for Best Friend

Cool Birthday Status for Best Friend

If You have a friend who is cool then Cool Birthday Status for Best Friend is here for you.Latest Cool Birthday Status For Best Friend is prepared for you friend who is dapper and cool.Wish him in his own style.

  • If I had a thousand years to spend in this world, I would want to spend it with you. You are the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Happy birthday my dear friend!
  • Losing you ever would be the hardest thing that I would have ever had to go through. So my dear friend, pull me close and never let go because I never want to lose you ever. Happy birthday my sweetheart!
  • This special day, I promise I won’t ever take you for granted. I promise to hold you when you are drunk and high because my dear I love you. Happy birthday my best buddy!
  • In this big world, we are just two small individuals, but to each other, we are bigger than this universe. Our love is beyond the vastness of space, and I hope it continues to be the same. Happy birthday to my life changer, my best friend!

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